Board of Directors


President* Beth Whitney
Administrative Assistant* Shannon Glenney
Advisor & Parliamentarian* Cindy Kidwell
Awards Coordinator
Strategic Planning Cindy Kidwell
TASO Joi Smith
WSL Endowment Donor Recog. Joyce Hudnall
President-Elect* Sandy Baugh
Bylaws Sandy Baugh
Nominating* Linda Rowe
Recording Secretary* Britt Sabota
VP of Fund Development* Catherine Harrison
WSL Ball Co-Chair Meredith Roberts
WSL Ball Co-Chair Laurie Ann Shipp-Frank
VP of Administration* Jill Campbell
WSL Emails Traci Meyer
Mailings Bonnie Palmer
Newsletter Laura Roberts
Newsletter Jill Hardin
One and Done Leigh Ann Bugg
Photography/Historian/Scrapbook Jan Barton
Social Media Julie Dawson
Website Jill Campbell
Handbook Nicole Thomas
VP of Education* Jami Brumfield
Family Concert Chair Nancy Wrenn
Juanita Miller Concerto Competition Joi Smith
Scholarship Jamie Brumfield
School Concert Chair Elizabeth Sharkey
VP of Finance* Kim Park
VP of JSL* Sandy Baugh
Senior Class Coordinator(s) Suzanne Perkins
Tammy Conflitti
VP-Elect of JSL* Stephanie Nickel
Junior Class Coordinator(s) Lynda Evans
Belle Thomas
VP of Membership Leigh Ann Bugg
New Member Recruitment Michelle Negem
New Member Liaison Jeradee Zips
Membership Placement Dee Dee Fowler
Membership Requirements  Julie Tolleson
Membership Renewals
Membership Retention  Bonnie Palmer
VP of Social Activities Jennifer Rippy
Cooks in the Kitchen  Angie Reed
Board Arrangements Co-Chair Sharon Wynne
Board Arrangements Co-Chair Katherine Reynolds
Day Arrangements Co-Chair Alexis Combast
Day Arrangements Co-Chair Elisabeth McKinley
Evening Arrangements Co-Chair Annika Conaway
Evening Arrangements Co-Chair Hope Short
ETSO Concert Reception Co-Chair Julie McDaniel
ETSO Concert Reception Co-Chair Janet Booth
Fall Fundraiser Chair Heather Zimmermann
Harmony Inns & Invitations Sherrill Echols
Harmony Inns & Invitations Sherri Danielson
Spring Style Show Fundraiser Co-Chair Sheri Caton
Spring Style Show Fundraiser Co-Chair Melinda Bates
Symphony Concert Host Co-Chair  Michelle Melton
Symphony Concert Host Co-Chair Sherry Conser
Ex-Offi cio Members
ETSO Executive Director
ETSOA President Tony Farmer
LAO Volunteer Council Cindy Kidwell