Executive Board

President Beth Whitney president@wsltyler.org
Administrative Assistant Shannon Glenney administrativeassistant@wsltyler.org
Advisor & Parliamentarian Cindy Kidwell advisorparliamentarian@wsltyler.org
Strategic Planning Cindy Kidwell strategicplanning@wsltyler.org
President-Elect Sandy Baugh president-elect@wsltyler.org
Nominating Linda Rowe nominating@wsltyler.org
Recording Secretary Britt Sabota recordingsecretary@wsltyler.org
VP of Fund Development Catherine Harrison funddevelopment@wsltyler.org
WSL Ball Co-Chair Meredith Roberts wslball@wsltyler.org
WSL Ball Co-Chair Laurie Ann Shipp-Frank wslball@wsltyler.org
VP of Administration Jill Campbell administration@wsltyler.org
VP of Education Jami Brumfield education@wsltyler.org
VP of Finance Kim Park finance@wsltyler.org
VP of JSL Sandy Baugh jslvp@wsltyler.org
VP-Elect of JSL Stephanie Nickel jslvpelect@wsltyler.org
VP of Membership Leigh Ann Bugg membership@wsltyler.org
VP of Social Activities Jennifer Rippy socialactivities@wsltyler.org
ETSO Executive Director executivedirector@etso.org
ETSOA President Tony Farmer


* For further contact information, please log into the Women’s Symphony League directory.