Whom Do You Contact?

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 6823
Tyler, TX 75711


Whom to Contact

    • If you are a New Member, contact:

      Jerridee Zips: newmembers@wsltyler.org

    • If you need to change membership status, name, address, phone number, email address, pay dues, or reinstate membership; provide information about a member’s illness, or death; or propose a new WSL member, contact:

      Leigh Ann Bugg: membership@wsltyler.org

    • If you need to purchase East Texas Symphony Orchestra tickets, contact:

      Cowan Center Box Office
      Consult ETSO Web site for Programs at etso.org

    • If you want to nominate a current High School sophomore for membership in the Junior Symphony League, contact:

      Sandy Baugh: jslvp@wsltyler.org

    • If you have a question about committee placement, contact:

      Dee Dee Fowler: placement@wsltyler.org

    • If you have a question about WSL mailings, contact:

      Bonnie Palmer: mailings@wsltyler.org

    • If you have a question about WSL emails, contact:

      Traci Meyer: emails@wsltyler.org

    • If you have information for the WSL newsletter, contact:

      Laura Robertsnewsletter@wsltyler.org

    • If you have information for the WSL website, contact:

      Jill Campbell: webmaster@wsltyler.org

    • If you have information for Endowment Donations, contact:

      Joyce Hudnall: endowment@wsltyler.org


* For further contact information, please log into the Women’s Symphony League directory.